Resources for reporting police brutality to authorities


What happened?

In Tamil Nadu, there is a city called Thoothukudi. In Sathankulam, an area in Thoothukudi, two men who were honest shopkeepers were brutally murdered in custody for keeping their shops open for 10 minutes past their curfew time.

They were sexually tortured and raped and they finally died of their injuries.

For resources on what happened, I'm attaching an article and two videos.

Click on the images to be directed to the resources.

What can you do?

Share and sign petitions. Email the authorities. I've attached an email template to contact them. Respect them while addressing them. We are not against all the officers, we are against those who abuse their power.

Keep sharing whether it is on Twitter or Facebook or WhatsApp or Instagram.

Credits for the email template goes to the following account

Petitions you can sign

You can also contact the administrative officers in Thoothukudi from the link below

There's also a way to automatically fill the fields whole sending the email in the link below

Keep sharing and be loud. This is only ONE of the cases where police brutality is reported. We need talk so that the ones abusing their power are held accountable. We need to talk so that this doesn't repeat and if it does, we need to talk more. We need to talk to give a voice to those who have had their family go through this and have still not spoken up. Please don't be silent. And don't stop after the "trend" is over.

I would also like to repeat that this isn't to disrespect those who are doing their job correctly as a police officer. This is to call out those who don't and hold them accountable.

If you have other resources, please let me know on Twitter

Why is this important?

I've been requested to add why this is important. And for good reason since some people don't want to talk about it even if they have huge platforms. This isn't happening only in Tamil Nadu. This is happening all over our country. This is one of the very few cases that come to light. I also want to remind everyone that it is not the police officer's job to carry out punishment on their own. That is for the judiciary to do.

I'm already seeing certain people come out with their stories in their places and that is good. It sparks more conversations and awareness on this issue.

This has been going on for years so please do talk about it at least now. Doing so would mean you stand in solidarity with the victims of such brutality.

I've attached below certain reports on what is happening so feel free to read them. These are just resources and if you feel like you disagree, that is okay. It is just to provide perspective for those interested.

What has happened so far?

It's 29th June and so far, the government has passed the case to CBI. I will take that as positive as possible. It's progress.

But. There are more cases. There are many more who died and many more who need justice.

One of the people who died was a 19 year old boy called Sagar. This boy was going to attend his 10th board exam and was killed by lathi charge. The reason was that they suspected him of malpractice. But the police say he died of a heart attack.

There's not much information on the case that I could find, so feel free to let me know.

More details in the article below.

Another case is that of a 25 year old Kumaresan. He was beaten by the police with lathis and was sent back. There was also an altercation after he was freed, where he got beaten up much worse than the last time.

Here's an article with more information.

Now the reason that this is important is that before Jayaraj and Fenix, the police men charged had tortured EIGHT other people the same way. And for no clear cut reason. They'd torture them continuously for 3 days and blackmail the victims into silence. Meaning they got away with murder on 8 different occasions.

Article on the above.

Some of the people who were tortured were Mahendran and Rajasingh. One of the people tortured was a minor. Only 16 years old. So please fight for these people. They need justice just as much as Jayaraj and Fenix do.

Speaking of, here's a CCTV leak that came out today and the inferences from it.

Here's a leaked audio of a conversation between members of the group "Friends of Police"

Here are more articles on police violence

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